Prom. Was late as usual. Everyone looked really fab and almost unrecognisable. The event was pretty average, if not, mundane. It didn't turn out as how i'd anticipated it to be. There was no dance floor!!!!! What a major bummer seriously. Might as well have it in a hotel but too bad it's all over now sigh. It just hit me that this may be the last time that we're together as a batch. I've no idea how it's gonna be like without the express clique. Not being able to sit with them during recess, hang out after school or shit like that. I can't imagine dance without erna, atiqah and valerie. We've always been together since...FOREVER and without them it'll be so different i can't even. Oh boy. I don't even know if i'm coming back next year. Well, hopefully not unless i've no choice but to, that is if i can. The release of results will be on the 17th and that's in like 24 days and i really don't know what to expect. Fingers and toes crossed. May the odds be in my favour!

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