Haven't blogged for god knows how long and since i've nothing to do(well not exactly 'cuz i've art that's due this monday fml), i figured why not i update my blog. So much has happened during this long hiatus and it would be nearly impossible for me to elaborate all of them. Reason being, it'll take me forever and secondly, it's not like i can remember all of them. 
I'm done with my Nlvls but no i'm not free. Yet. Art Olvl's on the 5th and only after that am i FREE FROM THIS SHITH0LE/school. Well, momentarily that is. Hopefully forever though. I'd be over the moon if i'm eligible for foundation poly. Fingers/toes crossedX 
Currently staying over at a hotel for about a month or so. My actual house is under renovation and boy am i anticipating it's completion. I'm finally getting my own room after like what, 15+ years of my existence? My own personal space for once and it better turn out the way i'd envisioned it to be...or else. On a totally irrelevant note, i'm in need of a job. So please if you know any, don't hesitate to inform me. Something that's not too intense please! Hahah so yup guess i've to start on art now or i'm doomed ciao.

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