Earlier on mum was all tensed up and anxious about her fitness instructor exam thingy but fret not, all's well...i suppose. The last meal i had was some black paper chicken chop fried rice shiznitz from the shop below. It's superb i swear bummer the photo doesn't do justice to it. That's exactly how the table looks like right now. I can't wait for this shit to be over. I'm such a procrastinator. Always starting on shit in the nick of time and very often ending up in regret. Yup, i never do learn and for that, i shall have to face the consequences. It's been 4 days(i think) since i last went out. As in like really go out kinda go out and believe me, that's an awfully long time. Ok maybe i'm exaggerating a wee bit but seriously that is quite a long time don't you think? Sigh. Anyways, i'm planning to get my hair dyed whoopee. However i'm kinda contemplating though 'cuz the state my hair's in.....ho boy. For those who aren't aware of this, i rebonded and  permed my hair within the same month just cuz i wasn't pleased with how it looked like(still am not pleased btw). I should've not done anything to it in the first place. 1.My hair's a disaster and 2.I spent about $210 for something i don't even like. So now i'm really having doubts as to whether i should get my hair dyed for i'm afraid the state of my hair will worsen. Besides, what if i grow bald...o god please anything but that. Right, so if i'm ever gonna dye my hair, these are some of the options i'm looking into. Well actually i'm just really considering going ash blonde or something like that.
Currently listening to this. They really are something. 

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