Rise Hair Studio (Ad)

A week before Lunar New Year, I went to get my hair fixed at a Salon called Rise Hair Studio. My initial hair colour was a lighter shade of brown with a tinge of red. It was rather 'flat' in my opinion so I decided to go with the idea of blonde highlights. I've always wanted to go full-on blonde but there are a few setbacks. One of which would be the objection of my parents. There was once when I dyed my hair ash blonde but it came out to be an awful mess of green, blue and grey hues. Since then they have never been less disapproving haha. 

To be honest I can't remember a time when I was completely satisfied with my hair result after a visit to the salon. Glad that now I am able to say otherwise. This was my first time getting a full head highlights and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I'm just really pleased with it and was actually genuinely satisfied after I left the salon. I even had people approaching me and asking me where I got my hair done(this is a first). 

The hair dyes used by Rise are usually Loreal and Shisedo colors. A special technique called Balayage was used, which is also known as hand painted highlights!

On top of the highlights, I was also given a Hair Manicure service such that my hair dye would retain and not fade as easily. Besides, it also helps to give my hair a permanent glossy-like texture which I definitely needed after doing countless of things to my almost-damaged hair. Apparently, this is what Kpop stars use(not that I am a fan of course). 

So a huge THANK YOU to Rise Hair Studio for giving me better looking locks!

(These photos were taken about a month since the visit to the salon.)


1. Take the train to Telok Ayer on the Downtown MRT line. After tapping out, turn right and head up the escalator going towards Cross Street. 

2. This should be what the exit looks like, after which take a left turn towards Telok Ayer Street. 

3. Walk all the way straight till you see a sign that reads Amoy street. 

4. Walk even further up till you see the sign 'Club Street' and then walk towards the left. 

5. You should be able to see the sign 'Gemmill Lane' and take a left turn again. 

6. Walk further up towards the right and you should be able to see the signboard with the letter 'R'.

7. You have reached your destination!

"Gorgeous Hair is the best form of Revenge" Word!

The shampoo, conditioner and treatment used on my hair is by a brand called ‘John Masters’. Apparently it is a highly popular organic solution from the states. 
The boxes were made from recycled materials thus are environmentally friendly. 

At Rise, they also offer amenities such as magazines and varied selections of TWG tea. These are some of the tea favours offered, Sliver Moon, Eternal Summer, Jasmine Green and French Earl Grey yum!


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For bookings call 64383138 or contact Rachel at 87141744

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This was possibly the first yacht party I have attended that Amy's boyfriend organised, in celebration of her 18th birthday. There were issues with the boat that cropped up out of nowhere and so the moment the boat departed from the dock, electricity was ceased. That meant that we could not play any music neither could we have our phones charged. But it was all good for we still had a great time with whatever we had left. The water games were one of the highlights and also we got to dive from a height of a few metres. I landed on my bum so that wasn't too pleasant. All was well till towards the night things got rather bumpy but thankfully everything got resolved.